Wednesday, August 27

Why didn't I see this at the web sites I go to. Could've answered some questions.

See; I think it's the game designers' job to tweak things right. If the targeting rectile is over the head, then you should get a head shot. The computer shouldn't know more than your eye does( in a manner of speaking)
And the roomie liked that game-hell, I was interested in playing too. But if you need headshots, and can't get them, that's making a game friggin hard. Everyone agreed that the game was incredibly hard-and when the PS2 version came out, the reviews noted they'd tried to bring the difficulty down a little. What I saw of it was interesting, and I should probably rent Splinter Cell just so I can support some of what I'm talking about. This is going to be a videogame week for me, I think. Point being; the difficulty level was high enough that he got frustrated, and I could see why. It's one thing to miss. It's another to have a hit not register properly.

I've seen a used copy of Hitman 2 for $20. Think I might snag that today. Reviews of that pup are solid, and $20 is killer for almost any game.
I am interested as hell in DEIW, b/c Deus Ex was a facinating game; not once did that sucker insult my intelligence. Good times. Theif I've read nothing but good stuff about, and hope they put out another killer product. If, for no other reason, than because how else can videogames fulfill their promise of being art, being trancendent, without games like Thief that aren't just about blowing shit up. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I LOVE blowing shit up.
Really. A lot. If I could get a job just blowing shit up all the time, I'd do it. As it stands, no one has yet to convince me that Die Hard isn't one of the greatest action movies ever.
Along those same lines; Devil May Cry-killing stuff with swords, is fantastic. And have you seen the screenshots of Doom 3? Those screens are redefining, for me, what is fucked up and needs to die. Scary looking shit. If it works-well, I won't ever play it. It's on a PC, but still; whoa.
Hmm...I seem to have strayed. Sorry.

I like the stealth thing too. Metal Gear Solid did this very well, and does have high entertainment value. But sometimes I must confess I did not have the patience for it-and that's why god gave us save points.

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