Tuesday, August 26

Hooked on Tonics

No way is Splinter Cell too hard. Hard yes, very hard but not too hard. I'm pretty much a video game amateur and at no time did I feel overwhelmed. It was only a matter of figuring out how to get the job done. My guess is that the game just didn't fascinate the roomie like it did me, that's the way of these things. There are only a few games that I can't wait to get home and play and Splinter Cell was one for me. It's just one big puzzle and I loved it, even after knowing how to get through a level I would spend hours just seeing what else I could do or get away with.

The aiming is a bit sensitive and really needs to be adjusted to. I've seen the headshot thing happen and chalked it up to the computer knowing better where the head was than I, I mean if you only graze the head, is that a kill?

I love the game, that's what it comes down to I guess, other people love Ghost Recon, which I have on my PC and have played on the XBox. It was "Game of the Year" by who knows how many sites/mags or what not. Do I like it? To me it's just ok. Is it hard? Very hard. Too hard? Too hard to keep my interest for long.

Overheard last night at Bennidito's
"That Halo game is addictive as fuck."


Twisted Chasers
Picked up the new GbV. I will of course let you know what I think in a couple of days.

-Slashing Prices

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