Monday, August 18

Cylons 'n' Stuff

Hey, first off did you notice the laptop next to the toi-toi at the "hi-tech flushing" front page? "Who is your I.S.Pee?" On to cylons: no actual photo of the 1st gen. cylons, but as in terminator the machines done got smart and eventuallly made themselves in our image. As far as "Blogging" goes, this isn't so much a blog as a message board or "SuperChat", if you like. I am interested to see how it will shape up, although I don't see the potential for becoming an online phenomena.
We are not (and probably never will be) cohesive enough. I know Aaron quite well and Aaron, Dan, but there is a break in the triangle between Dan and myself: we don't know each other very well at all and I would say that alot of our tastes in whatever are quite divergent.
It's quite a strange thing, the notion that there are thousands, perhaps millions, of bloggers out there. And alot of them, I'll bet, are of the opinion that people out there somewhere are actually interested in what they have to say, in the details of their lives. Probably not. Has anyone you don't know very well ever shown you their photo album? I don't know about you fellas, but that's a cue for me to suddenly realize that I left the stove on and really must be going now. The OCCASIONAL blog catches my interest. But I feel about blogging or journaling like I do about poetry. Probably everyone that feels the urge should write all they want. And have fun at your open mic nite- I'll go do something else, thank you. This is a good format for the look-what-I-found stuff; certainly better than spamming your address book in that those that care to can come take a look-see.
I got this idea for a website. It has to do with absurd application of FAQ. Sounds ultra-dull when I just give that much. Allow me to flesh it out, I'll sell it to you later. Hey A. Ron Hubbard- where do I go on BLOGGER to learn about makin' sweet sweet links?

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