Saturday, August 30


I'm expected this evening at a triple kegger. I really just want to stay home.

-Kid Tested

Wednesday, August 27


The numbers they have for units sold sure differs from the numbers I found huh? Not that I really found them, it was more like they were shown to me.

Why didn't I see this at the web sites I go to. Could've answered some questions.

See; I think it's the game designers' job to tweak things right. If the targeting rectile is over the head, then you should get a head shot. The computer shouldn't know more than your eye does( in a manner of speaking)
And the roomie liked that game-hell, I was interested in playing too. But if you need headshots, and can't get them, that's making a game friggin hard. Everyone agreed that the game was incredibly hard-and when the PS2 version came out, the reviews noted they'd tried to bring the difficulty down a little. What I saw of it was interesting, and I should probably rent Splinter Cell just so I can support some of what I'm talking about. This is going to be a videogame week for me, I think. Point being; the difficulty level was high enough that he got frustrated, and I could see why. It's one thing to miss. It's another to have a hit not register properly.

I've seen a used copy of Hitman 2 for $20. Think I might snag that today. Reviews of that pup are solid, and $20 is killer for almost any game.
I am interested as hell in DEIW, b/c Deus Ex was a facinating game; not once did that sucker insult my intelligence. Good times. Theif I've read nothing but good stuff about, and hope they put out another killer product. If, for no other reason, than because how else can videogames fulfill their promise of being art, being trancendent, without games like Thief that aren't just about blowing shit up. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I LOVE blowing shit up.
Really. A lot. If I could get a job just blowing shit up all the time, I'd do it. As it stands, no one has yet to convince me that Die Hard isn't one of the greatest action movies ever.
Along those same lines; Devil May Cry-killing stuff with swords, is fantastic. And have you seen the screenshots of Doom 3? Those screens are redefining, for me, what is fucked up and needs to die. Scary looking shit. If it works-well, I won't ever play it. It's on a PC, but still; whoa.
Hmm...I seem to have strayed. Sorry.

I like the stealth thing too. Metal Gear Solid did this very well, and does have high entertainment value. But sometimes I must confess I did not have the patience for it-and that's why god gave us save points.

Tuesday, August 26

stealth addendum

What I really loved about SpCell is the stealth aspect. That's the reason I can't wait to get my hands on the next one and why I am looking forward to Thief III, Deus Ex Invisible War, and need to get a hold of Hitman II. In the game I did my damndest, unless it was required, to get through levels without killing.

Hooked on Tonics

No way is Splinter Cell too hard. Hard yes, very hard but not too hard. I'm pretty much a video game amateur and at no time did I feel overwhelmed. It was only a matter of figuring out how to get the job done. My guess is that the game just didn't fascinate the roomie like it did me, that's the way of these things. There are only a few games that I can't wait to get home and play and Splinter Cell was one for me. It's just one big puzzle and I loved it, even after knowing how to get through a level I would spend hours just seeing what else I could do or get away with.

The aiming is a bit sensitive and really needs to be adjusted to. I've seen the headshot thing happen and chalked it up to the computer knowing better where the head was than I, I mean if you only graze the head, is that a kill?

I love the game, that's what it comes down to I guess, other people love Ghost Recon, which I have on my PC and have played on the XBox. It was "Game of the Year" by who knows how many sites/mags or what not. Do I like it? To me it's just ok. Is it hard? Very hard. Too hard? Too hard to keep my interest for long.

Overheard last night at Bennidito's
"That Halo game is addictive as fuck."


Twisted Chasers
Picked up the new GbV. I will of course let you know what I think in a couple of days.

-Slashing Prices


I've looked at it, and it seems ok...but who knows. I certainly gained an appreciation for Tony Hawk, so maybe Tricky would catch me too. I do have a love of Twisted Metal Black-but that's more Mad Max than racing/stunts. I'll give it a shot sometime.

Check; the $ makes a difference when you're buying this stuff. In my case, I could play the old PS1 games; and there's no way I'm giving up a chance to play Final Fantasy 7, ever. Ever ever. Same with Resident Evil 2. And the number of games available for the other systems just doesn't stack up; fine in my case, I'm not being hardcore right now. I'm merely wandering through GTA3, and I still have to finish Dark Cloud 2 and open stuff up in War of the Monsters-which you might dig on a bunch.

Storing music sounds interesting, but how useful is it? Maybe with the Live component(which I'll admit the Xbox does seem to have squared away better than most other consoles) it's good-you could trade songs and such(uh, piracy alert?). But I haven't had to buy more than one memory card. And the card is easier to transport than the whole system. Also, don't you have to buy something to get and Xbox to play DVD's? I seem to remember this-but that may no longer be true.

Also, what do you think of the buttons? My memory is that those were some small buttons to try and press. It could just be my imagination, though. The color cordination+alphabet doesn't suck, but it's not as universal. 'A' doesn't mean much to a Japanese person-and I've recently read a bit on color-blindness. It affects mostly white males-I think 10% or so. The colorcoded buttons, especially a green & red one, may not be as helpful to a colorblind person. A colored X or O does-because of the generic symbol there, which is emphasized over the color. Not that what you like is wrong, but I think this is one place where Sony stomped people-that controller seems more universal. Not that universal is always better.

However, getting to play linked up is pretty sweet. Like the LAN parties read about on Quarter To Three. (I think I'm using the language right here.) And yeah, PS2's can do that too, but I've never had reason/need to do it. Then again; I drive to someone's house to play Magic-and that's a hit and miss proposition. Videogame rules, at least, don't mutate...

Splinter Cell didn't look as good(of course) but got solid reviews for the PS2. What I saw of it was great, but the roomie was playing it, and said it was too hard. I witnessed this in action; head shots that didn't do what head shots were supposed to do-kill people. And in Splinter Cell, you pretty much get one shot to get it right, and that's it. Bummer.

More Cylons

On PS2 and XBox



If you have not played SSX Tricky, you most definitely should.


Monday, August 25

Mikey likes it.

Ok. You can call me on 'the brave' but it's hard to dispute 'the few'. I only put the two together because they sound good anyhow.

Hardrive. 8GB (way more than I need I'll admit) to save any game, or music, that I damn desire. Any game I rent, borrow, or steal, I can save on my XBox. By the time the average GameCube, and i'd guess PSII, gamer buys two or three memory cards that pays for my harddrive. Admittedly, if I need to transfer a character's stats over to a friends XBox for gaming purposes then I'd need a memory card of my own. So far I personally haven't needed one. Like I said before though, well, implied, had someone handed me a PSII I would have gladly taken it. My decision to buy an XBox was partly influenced by the number of people I know that also own one. The fact that I recently found out that my buddy Nathan's cousin works for Microsoft, for XBox, can get us nearly any game for $10-$20 only makes me smile more.

I've only hearsay to go by that Splinter Cell, comparatively, isn't so hot on the PSII, while it is actually better on the PC. Anyhow.

I just wanted to say I like my XBox and that I was awed by the amount of people that own game consoles.


I am him

Dude-I'm sorry, but I'm callin' bullshit on your "few and the brave" line. Heh.
I mean, if 1 in 7 people HAVE a current game console, then you've just made a choice from a variety of products. It'd be like me saying b/c I own a Nissan, I'm one of the few, proud...wait. How many people own cars?
Secondly; I don't think anyone who's using a Microsoft product can make the claim to be part of the few or brave. Admittedly, you've deflated my own arguement by citing the number of GBA's in use.
Third; Splinter Cell is on the PS2. Figure the PS2 will see KOTOR in a year-but maybe not. I'm not exactly all for console incompatability, but if it brings better games...

And that's what it's all about. Word. Grand Theft Auto 3. Yowza. Final Fantasy X. Deus Ex. Eternal Darkness. Metroid Fucking Prime. I lost two weeks of my life to that game and I wouldn't trade them for anything less than a ride on the fellatio carousel of joy. And while I liked the one game I played on the Xbox-Serious Sam, I think, I don't know nothin' for nothin' about any of the other games. As you may remember Aaron, women came over and disrupted our manly plans of drinking fucktons of beer and blowing pixels up.

But I still don't like the fucking controllers on the 'Cube-they just don't feel balanced to my symmetric hands. Something about the way I'm forced to grip the damn things...however, I can manage. Xbox controllers I'm not sure about. I was getting used to them, last time I was up, but I don't feel any particular love of them. Since I'm not a graphics whore; actually, I'd rather have an interesting story than anything else, right after great control. The gameplay has to hold up, but after that-I mean I take no love of playing sports games. Nothing happens. Same with fighting games-you fight, you win, you lose, so what? Max Payne, though, that's Cooooool. I even want to play the Enter the Matrix game, which everyone says sucks, because it's supposed to add to the whole Matrix story, and I like that idea. A lot.

Lastly; what's the big fuckin' deal about having a harddrive on a console? Am I just missing something, or what? I haven't heard/seen how that aids the gaming experience at all. I mean, sure, if you're hardcore maybe you can dig into it's guts and screw around with the OS-but I'm so far away from hardcore. I'm not saying it's wrong, but if you're charging me for things that don't actively enhance my gaming experience, then why am I buying this product? If I don't need a harddrive, don't give me one and knock 100 billz off the price. I'd friggin' own an Xbox if it only ran me $79. (But then, wouldn't everyone?)

Maybe not, though. I have enough crap. Why should I get another?

At, the letters editor put it this way: PS2 has the Most games. Xbox has the best Looking games. Gamecube has the Best games.

I'm not currenly inclined to dispute that...

break it down

So, considering only the population of the U.S, making this an inaccurate analysis, but anyway, that's one current generation video game console for every 6.5 people. The current estimate on U.S. population being 291.9 million.

Thundercats Ho!

The PSII, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, and XBox have sold a combined total of 43.86 million units. That must be like one in every fucking refrigerator on earth.

in my defense

I have found out that I, along with a selection of my friends, truly are a part of the few and the brave. Why? XBox. As of August 10th only 58,954 XBox units have been sold in 2003. That's quite a few I guess, but, my nonconformity shines through when you see that the Game Boy Advance SP has sold 1.5 million units. I don't know an exact date, but that things only been out like 3 months. Moving forward the PSII, which has been out, what, like 4 years, also sold 1.5 million units, the Gamecube sold 376,000 and even the PSI has sold 42,000 units this year alone (and half as many as the XBox just this week).

I shall not waver. I love my XBox. I love the controller and the break-away cord, I love having a harddrive on board, I love that it plays DVD's and CD's (which the PSII also does I am sure), I love linking it to another XBox and fucking shit up on Halo with my buddies. I am fully pleased with my purchase. It's worth it for Splinter Cell, MechAssault, HALO, Star Wars: KOTOR, and as of late, fucking SSX Tricky ( I am fully aware that this is not an exclusive title, It just kicks ass and looks fucking amazing on the XBox ).

I am not, however, some sort of console bigot, I dig shit on the Gamecube too, like Metroid Fucking Prime, and I've seen Zelda and it looks amazing as well. I've also had my share of fun on the PSII, like with the game Bouncer when Dan and I just sat around all weekend beating it, along with going out for food and beer. I find myself adaptable to all the controllers, though I don't like the labeling of the PSII controller buttons with 'triangle', 'circle', 'square', and 'X'. I don't even really have a good reason, I just don't like it. My brain finds it difficult to dole out or receive the required words when trying to communicate which button needs to be pressed when learning a control scheme. This reminds me that one of the things I like about the XBox controller is the fact that the major buttons are labeled and color coded, A=green and etcetera.

OK, I think I'm done.

-Just heat and serve,

Saturday, August 23

Sistahs Are Doin' It For Themselves

OK, so Starbuck AND Boomer are now trans-gender, so to speak. Word.

Thursday, August 21

in job related news

I may be making more money soon, and working less hours. I think that's what they call win-win.

"a munitions lasagna"

That's how someone referred to the bomb at the UN Embassy in Baghdad.

Wednesday, August 20

Galactica Link

Found this via Aint it Cool; it's an interview with the scriptwriter of the new BG show. If you're interested...

Tuesday, August 19


Seeing old girls with new guys is a bear. Am not looking forward to that experience, which is bound to be in my future, and quite possibly soon. Let's bust out the oompah band, 'cause it's a party in my mind and everyone is on fire. Sounds like you handled it very well, Aaron, and I'm proud of ya. Me; I'd've gone to a pub, written two pages on legal paper in the shittiest handwriting every while drinking Dead Guy Ale. Go home while still sober, and then hit the Jager until Despair became a tangible presence on my couch, (or cooch, as they say in Oregon. Don't ask-It's fucked) and I could beat it with Manowar CDs. Or maybe not. It's fun to entertain fantasies, though.

Yah-hey, I've got this puppy linked up from my site, so who knows what fools may follow. I'll be redesigning mine though, and very soon; I've been playing with Photoshop and everything, so hopefully this will be easier to find from my site. I was just figuring I'd see how other people were doing stuff. Learning via theft, as it were.

And I'd wager this is unlike most blogs, since you have 3 very distinct minds operating here, and, as Vince noted, there's a disconnect between he and I-so there's probabaly a higher element of random crazy.

I am looking forward to Bubba Ho-Tep-movie. URL: and Underworld-which is Romeo and Juliet for vampires and werewolves. My roomie wants to see Freddy v Jason-I imagine I'll go. But I'd really really like to wait until I can have beer with that film, and he doesn't want to wait. Sigh.

Shit oh Dear

folks are publishing stuff at an alarming rate. so quickly that i cannot view my own post in the 10 most recent before more are there to push it down the list. weird wild stuff.


same thing

The New Elvis

I just wanted to see that title appear in the "Fresh Blogs" column.

Wouldn't you like to be a Blogger too?

Dan, just do as you are doing. Be yourself, treat this as a little side site of your own. Don't worry about it at all, it would be near impossible to disappoint me.

Vince. Believe. You will benefit from my audience. Everyone is knocking down my door, or port, as the case may be. My open mic may be your rocket to the moon. I hear there may be Cylons there. Oh and LINKS: Highlight the word or symbol, what have you, as if you were going to cut/copy and paste it then click on the little globe/chain-link icon under the 'posts' tab, insert URL. Verify.

On to me.

Me. You had a nice weekend, if you didn't know. Frustrating, in some ways, but healthy.

I saw Cathy the other day. With her new boyfriend. Head clearing was required. I felt very angry. I new she was seeing this guy, who I also know, but had never 'seen' them 'together'. Anger welled up. But after walking and processing I calmed down. Anger comes from the fact that I am still feeling very let down by a lack of commitment. But, then I realize slowly that it's all ok, in fact it is good. I know that her and I should not be together, for specific reasons. But, there is pain, because even with the anger and disappointment, I still adore, care about, and think the world of her. Se la vie.

Getting grease out of your way-

Monday, August 18

Cylons 'n' Stuff

Hey, first off did you notice the laptop next to the toi-toi at the "hi-tech flushing" front page? "Who is your I.S.Pee?" On to cylons: no actual photo of the 1st gen. cylons, but as in terminator the machines done got smart and eventuallly made themselves in our image. As far as "Blogging" goes, this isn't so much a blog as a message board or "SuperChat", if you like. I am interested to see how it will shape up, although I don't see the potential for becoming an online phenomena.
We are not (and probably never will be) cohesive enough. I know Aaron quite well and Aaron, Dan, but there is a break in the triangle between Dan and myself: we don't know each other very well at all and I would say that alot of our tastes in whatever are quite divergent.
It's quite a strange thing, the notion that there are thousands, perhaps millions, of bloggers out there. And alot of them, I'll bet, are of the opinion that people out there somewhere are actually interested in what they have to say, in the details of their lives. Probably not. Has anyone you don't know very well ever shown you their photo album? I don't know about you fellas, but that's a cue for me to suddenly realize that I left the stove on and really must be going now. The OCCASIONAL blog catches my interest. But I feel about blogging or journaling like I do about poetry. Probably everyone that feels the urge should write all they want. And have fun at your open mic nite- I'll go do something else, thank you. This is a good format for the look-what-I-found stuff; certainly better than spamming your address book in that those that care to can come take a look-see.
I got this idea for a website. It has to do with absurd application of FAQ. Sounds ultra-dull when I just give that much. Allow me to flesh it out, I'll sell it to you later. Hey A. Ron Hubbard- where do I go on BLOGGER to learn about makin' sweet sweet links?
There's some scary shit out there. What else can you say?

Battlestar Galacta. Fuuuuk. I'm very, very tired of the mining of my youth for...well, anything really. I suppose it's better that there's a remake instead of a rip-off, but art is all about stealing other people's ideas, so why not just go balls out?

I guess I'll have to start paying attention to other blogs, see how this is done. I feel a little useless, when I should be all over this. Of course, I just managed to d/l my own site onto my computer, so I can update from home and on the weekends, there.

Sorry. I'm lacking wit and anything resembling subtlity; between Aug11-15th I can honestly say I can't think of a correction decision I made, and I'm paying for it now.

Cute Dinner


and Creepers. Fucking yikes!

Can I use it while I shower?

So, I learned about hi-tech flushing.
And I learned it by reading her blog.

Sunday, August 17


no pictures of Cylons. I love Cylons. I'm a Cylon Lover.


I could go for some 'tube shootin'.

Starbuck... a girl! Isn't that cool? Those guys are taking some chances; gonna piss of some of the true believers. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. And you know what? It is too bad that the careers of Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict and some others pretty much fizzled. Really, that must have sucked for them. But am I ever glad that a green light was never given to some kind of "OK-let's-get-those-old-fuckers-back-in-their-space-drag-and-shoot-'em-out-of-a-tube-one-more-time" shit. It would be like doing an E.T. sequel as a summer 2004 blockbuster. E.T. II - The Sons of Elliot. Holy Criminy.

No, I didn't know that.

No, I didn't know that.


IS A GIRL? What the Eff?

Vee Dog

Hey Vince,

Are you aware of how to post links in the posts? Like so...take me to Galactica.

Battle shizzay Galacta nizzay

Oh my god, it is going to be good, I just know it. Hopefully everything that the original could have been, had it not been on network TV in the friggin' 70's. Go to and check out the trailers. And it premiers on Pearl Harbor Day, no less. Let us pray that it gets turned into a series. Amen.

Saturday, August 16

Well, I THOUGHT I was the proud owner...

...of a new (refurbished) iBook. [I was the buyer, Dan, not seller] But, alas, the seller was a wee bit too flagrant with his advertisment of software that he was leaving on the notebook that the buyer would not be the legal owner of. So his listing was cancelled by eBay (after I already bought it). I am grateful that I had not yet paid for it; I'm sure it would have been inconvenient, at best, to get my money back. Of course there are other iBooks in the world, so whatever.
Yeah, Halo was neat. And come to think of it, I got wasted quite a few times by the supposed newbie.

Friday, August 15


Turns out their Halo virgin wasn't a virgin after all. He hadn't played alot, but...!

Chad suspected as much.

pH balanced


Top Ten List


ok, so there was a Halo party last night. Overall I thought I played pretty well, BUT, there was one session of CTF, teams of 4 (mine) and 3, and did we ever get schooled. Nine to Zero. In our defense, we had one Halo virgin, but so did they. Also in our defense, two of my team had never played the map, and it was a format of CTF we'd never played, so there was confusion. After we figured our shit out we kept their scoring down, but we still couldn't score shit. It was an incredible blast. It will happen again.

Our 'crew' needs to figure out somewhere to set up four tv's. Then play some 16 person shit.

So, Mountain Dew LiveWire. Apparently limited edition pop/soda. You better hurry.

You could just buy Orange Crush, there's no caffeine then, but if you seriously need caffeine that badly, it's time to get serious about coffee.

glossary: CTF = Capture the Flag

oh yeah, Vince lost his Halo virginity. He was on my team.

Thanks go out to: Brian, Josh, Jeff, Grant, and Chad.

Dishwasher Safe

What be up with that?

You disconnecting Vince? Or just one too many pieces of electronica in your life?

I'm listening to Method Man's Tical at work. I don't love my job, but I don't see an immediate reason to quit.

Hell, I'm bloggin' from work. How messed up is that?

Man, what I wouldn't give to have been in NYC last night. The huge monolith buildings, black as Bush's soul, flipping off the sky, everyone looking at the stars for the first time in their lives, probably.

Went through a couple blackouts in Florence. Shit is different then. It's like your hidden side gets to come out and play a little. If you're brave enough, and if you aren't brave in New York, why the fuck are you there?-you can see and make some neat shit happen.

Got work to do. Headaches to nurse, and a need for a nap. Waking up at 5am is not good for me.

I gone and done it

view it, view it.


Wednesday, August 13


Our emails are up now. Are you happy yet?
Zippity (Zippidy?) Doo Dah. Heh. Alright gents. I have emailed a link for our blog to a few people, so we may have a small audience. Perhaps a growing audience. Be on your worst behavior.

In other news, I just woke up, had some OJ, am listening to Cursive's 'The Ugly Organ' -which is growing on me since I've taken some time off from trying to like it. I have the day off, let's see if I can be productive in some way.

Halo party tomorrow. I smile.

I'll see if I can figure out how to get email links up. Yo.

-On the Triple
Vince, I don't think anyone should be successful writing Smiths songs. Sorry, but that's how I feel about it.
And while the lyrics have some nice poetry to them, and I can get a 'singy' vibe from them, it's harder to evaluate without hearing it.
Ah, the limitations of the net.
Still, it's good to have a direction. I know when I dried up while writing my book a couple years back(I'm editing it now, so things are different, creatively) it was suggested that I just write something else. Not that I stop writing, but start doing something else-so I cranked out a couple short stories and found myself interested in the book again.

My Dad is visiting. He's sort of stuck here, as his car is not quite ready for prime time, so he'll be here through the weekend. It's good to have him around, but I feel for him. He's bored and stuck here, little, if any money, and everyone is gone during the day. We come home and he's all bouncy. I'm having to learn how to be civil and nice right when I come in the door-usually I want to be grouchy until I've gotten either 1) a nap 2) a blowjob or 3) dinner. Or all of those.
Then of course, I'm doing my thing and he gets left behind sometimes. I don't like it, exactly, but I feel like he's a grownup and I don't have to take care of his shit all the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm attempting to do things just with him, but we're restrained by time and $ and the fact that he's resembling Grandpa Simpson in temperment.

Hey Capt, the image link at the bottom is broken, at least in Netscape.
Also-should we put our emails up here?
Hey, there are links now.

<--- Over There
Everybody dance now.

Tuesday, August 12

You are welcome for joining the fray. Let's fray away, all day, every damned day, OK?
OK, I wrote a song today. When I say "wrote a song" I mean that I came up with at least the rough idea. At least the concept if a song with words (most of my songs have words to them, at least eventually) and the melody. I came up with a verse and chorus structure and the melody. Not sure what it's called yet but the subject is "The F Word". This came to mind as I have a song or two that contain cussin'. So, I am trying to decide if I am alright with this- cussin' in my songs. I know, I know- "Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his songs to sell records- well I do- so fuck him and fuck you, too."
But I digest...So anyway I wrote a song today. I am grateful for this. It has been a dry season for me creatively. I have been frustrated by this, let me tell you. I have a hard time just letting myself create without editing as I go, which is so dangerous. I just have the hardest time accomplishing anything when I am critical of my product as I make it, so to speak. Hooray for self doubt!

"Don't you like Frappacinos?
What about friends?
Havin' fun in the summer sun
That you never want to end.

And how about fudgesicles?
Or Freedom Fries?
Fireworks goin' off in
Fourth of July Skies."

OK, there was a sampling of the words from aforementioned songy-poo. I just listened to the tape again (the only way to be sure I capture the melody, since I do not read music) and I approve. It is a good song.
So, then, another beef I have with my process, my flavor, the tone of my stuff: Most of the songs I write are funny. At least on the surface. I am not at peace with this notion. I mean, I am not trying to write joke or novelty shit, really. And I am afraid that it will come off that way. I have written some Cure, Nirvana, Echo+Bunnymen and Smiths songs in my day. Not too much success with those in my estimation- I just have a tough time taking anything so seriously as to get really upset or depressed about it. And yet, the artists I just named are some of my favorites. So what to do? Should I just go with what comes naturally to me? Should I be upset that I am not more upset? Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm..."

Monday, August 11

Oh, by the way, thank you both for joining the fray. Wouldn't be a fray without you.
Ah, this makes me so very happy. Our own little blossoming community. We shall eat and grow strong and be filled with pride. If all goes well we can upgrade to a happier blog with jpegs, crazy linkage, paid advertising, an exponentially growing fan base. The pride of the Northwest.

Hmmm...How 'bout them Seahawks?

Vince, I get it.

Me dirty, smell like pizza.

Vince! You should invent the WindMac!!! It'd never crash, you'd reboot for nostalgias sake.
Whew. Well I made it. I imagine there will be lame links to my own site, where I'll do some writing, but what the hell, I may as well join the mayhem, as it were.
get it?
I am poster-child.
Hello. My name is Vince. I am 35 years young and I live in Spokane, WA. I am not quite sure how to start, so I guess I'll just go with what's on my mind at the moment. It has started again: the notion that if I just can acquire the right thing or combination of things everything will finally come together. When I am in my right mind I know that this does not work. Inner peace comes not from outer pieces. Very clever, that. But really I know it does not work. Here is the current flavor: Switch from PC to Mac! Why didn't I think of this sooner? Good Lord, it all becomes so clear... So I am going through with it anyway, in part because I have already told everyone that I was going to ... And, of course I am not so proud that I cannot switch back if I want. OK, I grow tired of this subject...
So, here it is, then.

S. Adams - 99204

the first post--

I am recruiting a crew to assume the roles of humorists and naysayers. I will use the powers of positive imaging and thinking to make it so.

We will dazzle and amaze with sleight of mind and jagged neurotic hooks.

Go fish.